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We welcome child models at the London School of Modelling and offer advice to parents looking to enter their children into the world of modelling.

Our experts know how to get the best out of your children and can ensure that they not only look fantastic but that their personalities come out on set. We have a fabulous wardrobe of props and accessories for children to wear in their photo shoots. It is really important to ensure that your children look their age in their portfolios. Dressing up young children to look older then their years is not welcomed by casting agents.

Having a professional photo shoot with us is the best way to discover whether your child has what it takes to make it as a model. For child models, being able to open up in front of new people is important and being able to perform on demand is also key. If your child clams up when asked to smile in front of the camera then you should consider whether modelling is for them. You need to think about whether they have confidence on camera and whether they have the patience to sit through a long photo shoot.

There are laws regarding child modelling in the UK and you should be aware of them. For your child to work they will require a license and they will be limited to the amount of hours they can work. Parents or legal guardians legally have to accompany children to all shoots.

Child modelling can be very rewarding financially and can be a lot of fun. Model Agencies who specialize in children’s modelling can place the right child in huge campaigns for Television commercials, billboards, games and toys, magazines and posters.

If you think your child has the look and personality to make it as a model then apply now to kick start their modelling career. Fill in the form on this page and our experts will contact you if we feel we can help you.