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The London School of Modelling can kick start your modelling career. We are the best in the industry at what we do. But don't just take our word for it, watch our Video Reviews from some of our past students.


Megan's Model Story

Christina our charismatic commercial model 

  • We are the UK's leading training academy for aspiring models.
  • We are the only modelling school to have featured in a 5 part reality TV show.
  • We proudly boast the most glamorous and impressive studios in the whole of London.
  • We give you Catwalk lessons, model coaching, make up and hair styling, and stunning costumes.
  • We give you the inside track on the Model Industry.
  • You will be involved in amazing photo shoots, where you will look stunning beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Whilst we are not a model agency, many of our graduates have gone on to have successful modelling careers.
  • We believe that we provide the very best model experience in the UK, giving you a real taste of what it's like to be a model, with the most comprehensive model training and the most exciting and thrilling photo shoots. Read our success stories here.
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Louise, Nottingham, 22
Attending the London School of Modelling has totally transformed my life. Within 2 Days I went from posing like a true amateur to having a connection with the camera and producing model like photos. Since i attended the Model Boot Camp I was signed to an agency and have been cast for a TV commercial with and am now a regular model for Boohoo. I can’t thank the LSM team enough!
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Cheslea, 19, Australia
I had an absolute blast during my Model Day at the London School of Modelling. I loved all the make up and preparation that goes into the photo shoots, the catwalk lessons, listening to the mentors and the staff. It was a roller coaster of a weekend!
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Angelo Italy 22
What I liked most about the London School of Modelling was being taught by top industry professionals, who each have a huge passion and drive for what they do and will give you all the time in the world to insure you can become the best that you can be.
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Trey Essex 22
I had an amazing experience filming for the London School of Modelling's TV show Models Misfits and Mayhem. During the filming i learnt a great deal about myself and what kind of model I can be.  After attending the school I pushed myself as a freelance model and have just been booked to appear in London Fashion Week! Thanks to LSM I have fulfilled my dream!
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Lowri aged 21, Wales
I thought the modelling school was utterly fantastic. Since attending I have pushed myself and attended many castings.  I have already been booked for my first professional fashion show where I’ll be modelling D & G. I have been practising my catwalk up & down the corridors at work. I can’t believe this is all happening to me!
The London School of Modelling, as featured on TV’s hit Reality Show Models Misfits and Mayhem, is the UK’s most exciting training academy for aspiring models and welcomes students from across the globe to its famous model boot camps.

People often ask us if they need a portfolio to get a conventional agent, and the answer is generally no.  However a vast amount of people in the industry manage to get their own work by self promotion, getting out there, putting their name forward, sending out photographs joining casting websites and networking across the modelling and entertainment industry, For this a portfolio is an invaluable tool, and the more varied it is and the more different aspects of your look it shows the better chance you have of getting work.    No one can ever promise you will find work in the modelling and entertainment world and no one can guarantee overnight fame, but the more dedicated and focused you are and the more you push yourself the more chance you have of success.

At the London School of Modelling our experts will teach you how to look, act and think like a professional model and in doing so put you ahead of your competition. During your 1 or 2 day Model Boot Camp, our experts will discover what type of modelling you are right for; whether its commercial modelling, high fashion modelling, teenage modelling, child modelling, plus size modelling, catalogue modelling, high street modelling, editorial modelling or catwalk, and in doing so point you in the right direction so you can find the right model agency. This is key in promoting yourself as a new model and we can give you model advice in this area.

In 2011 The London School of Modelling was filmed by a major Television channel for a five part Reality Show called Models Misfits and Mayhem. The TV show, which is regularly repeated on TV, goes behind the scenes at the London School of Modelling, and follows the journey of a group of aspiring models who are put through their paces and battle it out to become top models.

The London School of Modelling was created to show that that the world of professional modelling is not just about high fashion & catwalk. There is a galaxy of opportunity out there for all types of models: curvy, leggy, petite, plus size, mature, strangely beautiful or beautifully strange. Whatever your look, as long as you have model potential, the London School of Modelling experts will teach you how to make the most of what you have.

The school is open to students of any age, sex, size and shape and offers training and guidance from leading industry professionals. Our 1 and 2 day Model Boot Camps have been described by its graduates as “the best time of my life” and covers everything that you might think an aspiring model needs to learn and more! Training includes:

• Catwalk training including developing your own unique walk
• How to pose and learning the difference between high fashion, catalogue & editorial poses.
• How to work with your photographer effectively and professionally and find your best angles
• How to work with your face and body shape
• Professional make up application and hair styling
• Personal styling and image development including what to wear for auditions.
• Diet fitness and nutrition tutorials
• How to present yourself at castings
• Hot tips from real models that only industry insiders can tell you
• How to market yourself as a model including learning about the different modelling agencies to approach
• The Do’s and Don’ts of the Modelling world

The school provides an after-care service where any student can call the school before their first casting or job to check they are properly prepared and have everything they need to embark upon a career in the fast-paced world of modelling.

To apply to attend the London School of Modelling please either fill in the form on this page or email: